From flying Uber’s to toilet roll robots, here are the biggest stories from this year’s event.

By Alanna Duffield.

CES, the biggest consumer technology show in the world, kicked off this week as tech-savvy household-name brands from all over the world met in Las Vegas to showcase their cutting-edge creations.

Despite #BoycottCES trending at the beginning of the week, largely due to the controversial keynote choice in Ivanka Trump, people poured in their thousands to see what the likes of Sony, Samsung and — er — Charmin were bringing to the table in 2020.

New whips

Much of the spotlight this year fell on the automotive sector, with a whole host of new models being exhibited…

Get organised this January with these three handy apps.

By Alanna Duffield

Call me cliché, but I’m a sucker for the new year, new me overhaul. Every year without fail I will buy a fancy new planning journal, collate some overly aspirational resolutions and slink back into the gym without looking the regulars in the eyes.

I will also momentarily become intensely organised. From planning trips abroad to organising my finances, the new year brings out in me a keen strategist who, only weeks before, was faced with the condescending “Are you still watching?” message from Netflix.

So, for those who are also limbering up for the brief, smug…

“Since launch, we have provisioned over 1.8 Million eSIMs in over 100 countries.”

By Michael Moorfield

We are at a really interesting inflection point when it comes to eSIM adoption in consumer and IoT devices.

In the last two weeks alone, we have seen major product launches from Apple, Samsung and Microsoft which all include eSIM technology. Whether it’s smartwatches, smartphones, always-connected tablets or PCs: all have included eSIM support, allowing customers to simply activate their preferred mobile provider straight out of the box.

Whilst eSIM is not a new concept — it’s been around for over 10 years — what is so significant about where we are at right now is the…

Get ready for not one, not two, but THREE cameras.

By Alanna Duffield

Apple’s biggest event of the year kicked off in the usual way, streamed live from the Steve Jobs Theatre in California. Interestingly — and conveniently for those of us at the Truphone offices who crowded round the stream to watch — this is the first time the event stream has been available to the public via YouTube, rather than solely on Apple’s own site. Is this a small nod towards Apple becoming a more interoperable brand? We think it might be.

The most anticipated moment of the event was, of course, the rumoured launch of the new…

By David Simao

Sending push notifications to a device or browser implies that, in some way, the remote server is able to initiate a conversation with the client and not the other way around. Since the typical app/client does not expose a publicly available endpoint, this is achieved by maintaining an active connection between the client and the server (e.g. a TCP socket on accept mode) that is sending the notifications. The concept is really simple but, depending on how it is implemented, may raise a variety of scalability problems. If every app on a phone were to implement it…

Photo Markus Spiske / Unsplash

By the Truphone Cybersecurity Team

With its headquarters in the UK, Truphone is a global company with presence in 14 locations around the world. At Truphone we believe that “the better the world communicates, the better the world.”

With that in mind, Truphone has invested in becoming the world’s first truly global network through its own network infrastructure and partnerships with other operators worldwide. Today, our patented technology serves over 3,500 multinational enterprises in almost every country in the world.

As a result of Truphone’s successful journey, its offices and customers’ geo-dispersion, and the growing interconnection of our network with…

From self-tying shoes to virtual display glasses — the future is now.

By Alanna Duffield

Our perception of the future — and what is deemed ‘futuristic’ — naturally changes as we evolve. But, often, we are so focused on where we are headed that we forget to marvel at how far we’ve come. To paraphrase a recent Tweet by @roastedryebread who has been confusing their Siri and Alexa requests — we are actively living in a time where we have more than one talking robot servant at our disposal. I’ll let that sit there ominously for a moment.

My grandfather was the proud owner of a Teasmade — a device, alien to…

“Fifteen years on from the launch of the Motorola Razr and there is still something innovative about it.”

By Alanna Duffield

This month marks the 15th anniversary of the Motorola Razr, undeniably one of the most stylish mobile phones of all time. To celebrate the birthday of the original hip flip-phone, we have shortlisted the world’s most iconic mobile devices, from fashionable to functional, from brick to slick. Here are our top picks…

The Nokia 3310 (2000)

The Nokia 3310 model evokes a sense of nostalgia like no other. It was THE mobile phone of the millennium. If you didn’t…

It’s a wrap! MWC Shanghai is over for another year, which gives us a moment to reflect on the big takeaways from the event.

By Scott Mackenzie

Endless articles were written last week about the 5G theme. It was in-fact quite incredible — the words ‘5G’ plastered on everything from TVs, to games consoles, drones, smartphones, robots controlled by humans and robots to control humans, submarines, surveillance boats, Amazon-style in-store shopping experiences and incredibly a face mask which, through the power of ‘5G’ and a mobile app, could advise you if your face was dirty or not (L’Oréal take note). Are the noise reduction algorithms of 5G having an opposite effect on its marketing?

For me, the biggest takeaway wasn’t 5G face masks, robots…

With the world’s biggest device makers, network operators and chipset manufacturers set to gather under the same roof, we wanted to give you a primer for what to expect from the big event.

By Konstantin Prodanović

The flip-able foldable and fashionable phone gimmicks continue

It seems like every device maker under the sun released some gimmicky play on a foldable smartphone at MWC19 in Barcelona earlier this year. And that trend is more than likely to continue in China.

Oppo has been teasing an under-display camera for a while, and they seem ready to promo it to the public in the coming week. As far as gimmicks go, this one is pretty slick. The camera is built, as the name suggests, under the front screen — it’s hidden to the naked eye behind…


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